Manifest is a neat online notepad that lets you pin plain-text notes onto a virtual canvas. Just click and drag to create a note of any size, then start typing.

You can have as many notes as will fit on the screen, and you can always move notes around or stack them on top of one another. A dark mode is also available by pressing Alt+T. The site will automatically save your notes and layout for next time, provided you’re using the same computer and web browser.

[Screenshot: Jared Newman]

I discovered Manifest while researching apps that can turn websites into desktop wallpapers. Manifest works especially well with Plash (for Mac) and Lively Wallpaper (for Windows), as it effectively turns your entire desktop into an interactive pinboard.

If you’re using Chrome or Microsoft Edge, you can also turn Manifest into a free-standing desktop app by clicking the install icon in the browser’s address bar.

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